Watchful Eye

Three rounds for time of:

6 Muscle-ups

30 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball

12 Handstand push-ups

135 pound Power clean, 15 reps

Chris Spealler 9:45, Kristan Clever 13:59 (16lb ball, 95lb clean)

Check out the Nasty Girls video from yesterday for movement standards and progressions for the Muscle-up and Power Clean. In the video I review Hang Power Cleans, but for today, we will start from the floor for each repetition.


The gym is growing and continually changing.  One of the services we look forward to bringing you is the use of our facilities outside of class times.  We always talk about focusing on your weaknesses, setting specific goals and being consistent.  We want to provide you with as many resources as possible and the freedom to take control of your own health.

  Sometimes I think people forget that it is not CrossFit that is changing their lives, it is themselves that are deciding to walk through the doors each day, that you are the ones working hard.  The information is all around us and its FREE!  I want to bash down any barriers that stand in your way.  I know that your life will not always mesh perfectly well with our schedule.  This is part of my reasoning behind the daily videos; to give virtual coaching to those that cannot make regular class.

I performed CrossFit workouts on my own for almost two and a half years and one of the greatest tools in my arsenal was my video camera.  I would watch the mainpage video to review the movement standards, then video tape myself performing the movement.  Watching yourself is much different than watching others.  We have an idea of what we look like and what our bodies are doing, but the reality is sometimes much different.  We have a video camera available at the gym which you can borrow at any time to watch yourself frame by frame.

  Also, for those of you with an iPhone video camera, SMG just showed me a Slowmo app that works great!

45lb Weighted Pullup!

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