Weeellll Doonnne!

Not necessarily for time:

5 Muscle-ups

50 Hollow Rocks

5 Muscle-ups

30 Rolls, Forward or Backward, athlete’s choice

5 Muscle-ups

20 Bridge-ups

5 Muscle-ups

Post time and experiences to comments.

My mind is all over the place this evening after such an amazing day of watching people destroy their old Fran times or experience it for the first time!  Like Mister Silver in comments below, it is all about how you look at it.  I get all fired up when I see someone perform a workout faster, sometimes with heavier weights or a lighter band and then get upset that they didn’t ‘improve enough!’  Come on!  Don’t be so hard on yourself.  Guess what?  It will never be easy!  I had to tell more than one person today, including myself, to relax and just do their best…

that it is just another workout!  My trick is to convince myself that the workout is not for time (although it is).  That I am just going to do the workout for fun (although I want to destroy it).  I think it over and over.  Fuck the time, just do it and if you get tired, take a break, no big deal.

  The trick is to learn to be relaxed before the workout starts.  Once the workout starts, you begin to feel the weights and the movements and you can focus on the task and doing well.  When you finish and look at your amazing time, you can smile and embrace the suck.  So many times in the past I allowed my adrenaline to get the best of me, I’m all anxious waiting for the clock to start…oh god…10 seconds…here we go…3,2,1…this is gonna suck!  And I dive into the workout too fast, hoping for the best and feeling out of control, almost shaky.  Only to have my adrenaline fail me moments later with the realization that I have a whole workout ahead of me!  Noooo!  I was right!  This is gonna suuuck!  After the workout you are left with this feeling, thinking about how much better you could have performed.  This approach would be something like starting out a marathon at a full sprint, getting exhausted at the one mile marker and then getting upset with your abilities at the end.  If you were running a marathon, you would think about pacing yourself to optimize your time, right?  This is still true with the WOD and can only come with experience.

  In the beginning you will have no idea, but when you start to repeat workouts, it is your obligation to game that shit.  In other words, I am looking forward to our next date with Fran to experience all this fun again!


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