Go Nuts


Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:

95 pound Thruster


Pat Sherwood 2:19 (45lb dbs), Kim Malz 3:42 (65lbs), Elyse Umeda 4:45 (95lbs).

Here’s a Fran WOD demo right up our alley, Sumo style! wmv/mov

I just moved in down the street, 730 meters away, give or take a meter, and I have decided to run to the gym and home at all times.  You know…we’re born to run!  But what do you think about when you see a guy thats running in jeans?  Hmmmm.  What’s that guy running from?  Yeah, its probably weird, but I like wearing my jeans and I like the idea of being able to take off on a run at any time, besides the fact that its good for me to run almost a half a mile multiple times a day!

When I visit friends and family, it has become a given that I will be discussing my nutrition and general ‘CrossFit lifestyle.’  You did what?  You don’t eat what?!  The answers always lead to more questions.  The truth is that I don’t mind the questions because I feel the response is one of genuine interest.  I have changed a lot, and the main thing, the reason I believe people don’t judge me negatively, that genuine interest, comes from the fact that I am simply prioritizing my health above all else.

  Not what other people think about me or cultural norms or tradition, but rather what I think is most healthy for my body.  On this quest to increase our work capacity and kick ass into old age, you have to be willing to let that freak flag fly now!  Don’t worry what your friends and family think!  Run with your jeans on and a smile on your face!

  I look forward to those moments when my wierd behavior puts a smile on someone’s face.  No one can judge you for putting your health first.

Oh, and in case you’re confused by my video, here is the orginal from the mainpage wmv/mov.


And the training begins…

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