The Gatekeeper

Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3

Watch Pat Barber perform this WOD, with a proper fail at the end wmv/mov


I heard a few moans and groans tonight about this WOD.  A few things about that.  First, you are not a slave to our programming, so if you want to do something else, go for it!  My gut reaction is that many people don’t feel like they get as much out of these strength days as they do from a gut busting, lung burning metabolic conditioning workout.

  I always say, if you perform a heavy day correctly, it will feel just as shitty as the other days:)  Squatting heavy weights engages the largest muscle groups in our body, and puts an enormous stress on our nervous system.  You should feel nervous before you go for that last attempt, there is a high likelihood that you will fail.

  Watch the video of Pat Barber above.  Watch how he attacks the bar, rips it off the squat rack and gets down to business.  He doesn’t have time to fuck around.  This should be taken seriously, and in the end, if you really go for it, you will be sitting light headed, on the floor, thinking you can’t do anything else.  The feeling of satisfaction.

  Not only that, but the next time you are confronted with a moderately weighted front squat or squat clean, you will laugh and think about this day.

Proper Misery

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