The Final Countdown!

Seven rounds for time of:

185 pound Front squat, 3 reps

7 L-pull-ups

Chris Lofland 6:48, Candice Ruiz 8:55 (135lbs), watch their WOD demo wmv/mov


I’ve been gone for three days now and it feels like eternity!  I did have a chance to visit my old friend Mike from high school that has opened a gym, called CrossFit Amplify.  If you know anyone in the area of Lisle, IL, send them their way!

In visiting my other friends and family this holiday season, I have been sticking to the tequila plan primarily and a bit of vino at home.  The holidays are flying by and I’m definitely not perfect at the moment, but that UTC CrossFit Challenge is on my mind and those damn overhead barbell pistols!  Remember what you train for, be ready for when the new year comes, and I’m not talking about a resolution, but rather a continuation of the hard work you have been putting in for the past weeks and months.  I look forward to my return and working with you again soon!


Thank you Kenny

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