The Fun Lifts!

Don’t forget the Holiday Schedule!

Split Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

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Dave Lipson 355lbs, Annie Thorisdottir 206lbs


I have been checking every day for about five years now.  They provide  a continuous stream of interesting videos and articles that are meant to stimulate debate and inspire.  In case you never make it there, the following are postings just from today, including additional commentary by myself of course!

Check out Herschel from CrossFit Souh Brooklyn, future CrossFit badass!

Learning the Handstand Walk with DogTown CrossFit, CrossFit Journal preview wmv/mov and hosts of our upcoming gymnastics seminar

Back Squat Tip with K-Starr wmv/mov

Annie Thorisdottir on today’s WOD wmv/mov, short video, makes this look easy and she’s standing on pads!  One thing I forgot to mention in the youtube video is taking the bar from a rack (hence the name of the position), pick it up with your shoulders, not your hands and keep it there as you initiate the movement.

Candice Ruiz on today’s WOD wmv/mov, longer video, great to watch how to bail and recover from a miss

7 Awesome Beer Pong Trick Shot Videos, Maxim, ahhh, the free time I had in college.

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