Think about it.

“Goat Day”


Today’s post is coming a little early as YOU are going to do most of the programming today.  The idea is to pick one to three “goats”, movements that give you trouble,  and come up with a workout.  For those of you who need help, we will most likely pick something in the form of an AMRAP.

 For example, I have trouble with heavy squat cleans and ring dips, so I might do a 12-15 min AMRAP of 4 squat cleans and 8 ring dips.

Easy right?  Some of you may elect to chose a wod you have always wanted to try that showcases all your chinks (JT, anyone?).  Next to intensity, attacking a weakness is the fastest way to improve overall fitness, so get crackin’ and let’s see what you come up with!


Lauren, flexibility clearly not a “goat”.


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