Old Classics


Five rounds for max reps of:

Body weight bench press


Kevin Montoya, 170lbs: 20/64, 15/57, 12/50, 9/39, 9/36

Kristan Clever, 135lbs: 12/35, 12/35, 12/28, 12/28, 11/25


I give up!

Kipping pull up concepts wmv

Bench Press Set up wmv mov

Old School WOD demo wmv mov


Performing max reps of pull ups, and max reps of bodyweight bench press have technical and mechanical considerations for sure, but the ability to go all out on reps and to push really hard against things, using all of your strength and will, is itself a skill.  If you come from a background where you’re giving sixty to seventy percent of everything you’ve got, or are used to giving one hundred percent on one rep maxes, use this Old Classic to see what your limits are!

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