Not the Total

Clean, 1 rep

Bench Press, 1 rep

Overhead Squat, 1 rep

Clean is from the ground, Power or Squat.

James Hobart: Clean 285, Bench 245, OHS 275 = 805 lbs


Cara Cooney, rope climb.

Power clean wmv mov

Squat clean wmv mov

Bench Press wmv mov

Overhead Squat wmv mov

I’m preaching to the choir on this.  This WOD is logistically challenging to say the least.  Chances are great that you will be sharing bars with each other, and you may or may not be doing the lifts in order.  Work with each other!  Come to 8am if you can.


This Sunday is a Main Site rest day, but the schedule will remain regular.  The amazing Martina will host Open Gym at 10am, C-Rose for yoga at 4:30pm, and Open Gym with me from 5:30pm to 7pm.


I lived in the Valley for 12 years.  I remember feeling ‘trapped’ and not being able to go out and just chill if I wanted to.  Construction type jobs had us at lunch where the weather reports were usually something like, “Ninety’s inland, hundreds in the valleys, and seventies at the beaches.

”  Seventies!  I watched and waited, swearing to myself as the days became months, and months became years, that I would someday move there and see what it was about.

Now that I’m here, living so close to the sea is something I try to take advantage of as much as possible:  running, laying out, walking, driving up PCH, etc.  It takes 20 minutes to bike there from my house at cruising speed, and 30 minutes to bike to SM from Venice.  I love it here.  So much so that when I choose to stay home and chill versus laying out at the beach I feel small pangs of guilt.

Which got me to thinking:  what do you guys do on your off time, when you’re not working or CrossFitting?

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