Here We Go…

Three rounds for time:

10 Muscle ups

10 Forward Rolls

20 One legged squats, alternating

Handstand walk, 20 yards

Kristen Clever 8:24, Austin Malleolo 10:25, Miranda Oldroyd 19:54



AHHHH………to be a kid again!!  Go Sydney!!

The CFJ (if you don’t have it yet, do yourself a favor….) posted a great article about gymnastic warm-ups. Good stuff for modifications and progressions……

Watch Heather Bergeron perform today’s wod: wmv/mov

I’ve often said, and heard it be said “I wish I had crossfit when I was a kid!  Imagine what a badass I would be now!!!”  Truth is, I was fortunate to have gymnastics at a very young age, and bike riding, and playing outdoors for hours at a time, and swimming, and dancing, you name it.  I was an active kid and it didn’t matter what the activity or sport I was doing, it always felt like play.  I think it’s a shame we lose that as we get older.  We stop having fun.  We stop playing. When was the last time you didn’t care what the time on the whiteboard said, that you smiled your way through a workout and had a blast doing it? Instead of focusing on what you can’t do, the weight you can’t lift, the time you can’t beat,  relax, smile, and have fun… is a perfect day to play!

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