Do it yourself

Find your Max Box Jump Height vimeo


10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps for time of:

Pistols, alternating legs

Movement of your choosing

The recommended movement was going to be lateral burpees over parallettes, but then I got thinking about how its a a rest day and I want people to work on something they want to work on. Some of you need more work on your gymnastics, others olympic lifting, or maybe you want to try a Man-Maker and really suffer. Its up to you!

Post movement and time to comments.


Peter sent me this picture over a year ago, while training for his first trip to Patagonia. His leg was sunk in the snow up to the hip. Wearing a pack and having only one leg to save him, he laughs, “What good is a pistol?”

It has been an absolute pleasure to watch Peter train for his second excursion into Patagonia. In preparation over the past eleven months, he put himself through some brutally long WODs, including a couple 12K rowing sessions. The type of workouts that you are interested to watch someone else try, but not join yourself.  On Wednesday, he leaves for five weeks to Patagonia and uncertainty. Prepared as best as he could be for the unknown and unknowable.  Good luck Peter!



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