Food for Thought

Push press 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps

Dave Lipson 265lbs

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CF Santa Cruz demos the WOD wmv/mov

I wanted to learn how to change the website, so I signed up for help at  They offer video tutorials about CSS and web design among other nerdy computer topics.  I haven’t had a chance to learn anything yet, but soon.  Martina bought me a Freebord that has been sitting in the trunk, I haven’t had a chance to learn how to ride it yet, but I’ll find a hill soon.  Almost everyday I stare at the book “Born to Run,” I enjoyed the first few chapters and I know I’ll finish it soon enough.  I’ve watched a couple youtube videos on how to weld, as I plan on making some new squat racks.

  I still have no fighting skills, but I feel like it is on the horizon.  Sailing has taken a back seat to more pressing matters, but I have managed to learn the basics, so my plan to sail around the world is in tact.  Then there is the whole singing, dancing, and playing an instrument ordeal.

  Learning to speak Czech.  The list goes on…

Be patient, train hard and stay focused on what you want.  I remind myself that life is long, as I struggle to get everything done that I want.  My mind bounces between the ‘what I want to dos’ and the ‘what i have to dos’ and I have to calm myself and remember that I am doing my best each day.

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