Six rounds for time:

Carry 50lb sandbag 400m

115 pound push press, 12 reps

12 Box jumps, 24 inch box

95 pound Sumo deadlift high-pull, 12 reps

Kristan Clever 24:09 (35lb bag, 85lb push press, 24″, 65lb sdlhp), Heather Bergeron 35:14 (51lb bag, 83lb push press, 24″, 65lb sdlhp)

Post time to comments.



The couple that crossfits together, stays together….happy one year anniversary guys!

This week starts the madness of the holidays!!  Food, shopping, stress, missing a workout here and there, more food, more shopping, drinking, maybe I’ll get to the gym twice this week, shopping, eating, holiday parties, last minute shopping, more eating…is it January 1st yet??, last last minute shopping, relatives, lots more drinking….and so it begins!   This doesn’t have to be a reason to fall off the wagon. After all, it’s pretty easy to eat this and drink that and slack off in the gym while saying “I’ll get back on track January 1”.  Make this year different.  Make everyday January 1!  While you’re thinking about everyone else this time of year, don’t forget to put yourself first.  We’ll be here……

There will be no yoga tomorrow!  Holiday schedule coming soon!


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