Mind Games

AMRAP 20 min:

25 Burpees

15 Bodyweight Back Squat (W-75%BW)

Post weight used and rounds to comments.



Looks like someone needs a rest…..

Here’s a question for you, what’s your Fran time?   Good.  How about max deadlift?  Excellent.  How about this one, when was the last time you took a week off of doing anything that resembles working out?  Hmmmmmm, stumped?  Can’t remember?  Maybe, like 6 months ago?  Well guess what?  It’s time.  Now I know what you’re thinking, “I can’t take a whole week off!!!

 I’ll get fat!  I’ll get out of shape!!  I’ll go crazy!”  Raise your hand if your workouts feel sucky (more than usual), you’re not sleeping well and you’re exhausted, you feel frustrated with your performance, you’ve plateaued, you feel like you’re constantly fighting “a bug”, you get sick often, you keep getting injured or nagging injuries don’t improve, and finally, wods don’t get you excited!!! ?  I get it.  In the short term a week seems like forever, but remember the long term goals, the big one being elevated fitness over time.  Our very definition of health!!  Neither of which will be fully realized without the time dedicated to rejuvenate, repair and rest.  Wods are meant to punish and breakdown, rest is where the magic of rebuilding happens so we can fight another day.   Be proactive in the area of recovery, don’t wait for injury or illness to demand it of you.  Personally, I find periodic rest periods of 7-10 days to be essential.

 For one, I’m productive in other areas of life, I get more sleep, I set new goals for myself so when I’m ready to come back, I’m itching to get back to working out hard.

 What’s it like for you?  And when will you take some well needed time off?


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