Don’t Panic!

Today is technically a rest day, and I have been talking a lot about gymnastics, so here’s another one for you to sink your teeth into.  Think of this as strength work, like a heavy day of Deadlifts or Squats.  Focus on your form and control.  We will help you with the progressions.  Before we do anything, lets review the good ol’ Shoulder Prep video:

3 Rounds, not for time of:

Strict Muscle-up, hold support for 3 seconds with rings turned out

L-sit, hold for 5 seconds

Skin the Cat, hold bottom position for 3 seconds

Inverted to lower, hold inverted position for 3 seconds

Attempt to perform as a single giant set, from movement to movement.  Rest as needed between rounds.  Break the movements up individually using progressions if necessary.  Use parallettes as needed for the L-sits.  Here is a video demo of something similar but a lot harder. (notice the ring support position)


5 Rounds of:

15sec Back Lever

15sec Handstand/Headstand Hold (preferably no wall)

15sec Front Lever

Rest as needed between rounds.


2 Rounds of:

10 Wall Extensions (video and explanation)

This is our cool down!


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