Do as I say

Death by Press (95/65) – with a continuously running clock do 1 press the first min, 2 the second, 3 the third, until you can not reach that rep range within the minute-choose a weight that you can get at least 8 rounds with if you are scaling

Rest 1 min

Run 800 meters

Rest 1 min

Death by Toes to bar – do 2 toes to bar the first min, 4 the second, 6 the third, 8 the fourth, and so on until you can’t reach that rep range within the minute

Rest 1 min

Run 800 meters

Post Death rounds and run times to comments.

here.  For those that think this movement is easy, try it with straight legs and no kip!

Shoulder Press Instruction with Mark Rippetoe Part 1 the benefits.

  But its that damn 20 minutes, holding the ice pack where it needs to be that I just don’t do.  In my last minute attempt to fix my injured elbow before climbing this past weekend, I went to the store and, lo and behold, they actually sell ice packs with velcro!  Amazing!  Even more amazing was the fact that I iced my elbow three times a day without a problem and it actually made it feel better.  Go figure…I’m an asshole.  All I had to do was listen to myself!

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  If you would like to give the magical velcro ice pack a try, its in the freezer at the gym.

Advice I do listen to about caring for injuries…

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get off the ibuprofen peoples!


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