Happy, Happy…

AMRAP 20 min:

10 wall ball (20/14)

10 GHD sit ups

10  back extensions

Austin Malleolo: 16 rounds + 10 wall ball, Kim Malz: 11 rounds + 8 wall ball (20#)


Glassman on the GHD sit up: wmv/mov

Back extension: wmv


I thought about forgoing main site today and posting a special workout to honor our friend Diso on his birthday.  This workout is actually perfect and very fitting, it’s classic crossfit, it’s fast (if you’re Diso), it requires proficiency on the ghd machine (Diso’s favorite apparatus), and demands powerful hip extension (more importantly, if you’re Diso, requires very little stress on the wrist:)  It’s perfect except the reps total 30, so without giving it away, I’m adding one more thing……one bar pullover to be done after each round.  Happy Birthday, Diso!!!!!!!


Just a reminder, this Saturday there will be one class only at 10, everyone is welcome!  The 101 will start at 11 and regular class will be held on Sunday.  Don’t forget to pick up your MEAT, people!

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