Chew on This.

AMRAP 16 min: – Results

8 Ring Dips

8 Pistols

8 Deadlifts (185/135)

Post rounds and reps to comments.



One of the unique things we do in crossfit is suffer amongst  friends.

 The power of the group whether it be 5 or 25 is definitely measurable, not to mention so much more fun. I know I push harder when I have a rabbit to chase.  More importantly for me, I pick up things quicker by watching other people around me who are struggling with the same things I do.  I also learn a ton by watching the fire breathers that make the impossible look so damn easy. I also listened. A lot.  It didn’t matter if I was the one being spoken to or not.  I  have struggled with box jumps from the beginning, I could not wrap my brain around how to bound off the ground no matter how many videos I watched, no matter how small the box was, I was totally clueless and continued to slog through workouts.  And then one day during a workout, a breakthrough.  It was so simply stated and not remotely directed at me.  It went something like this:  “don’t land at the bottom, do an explosive calf raise off the ground.”  I can’t explain what happend in my brain, but I proceeded to do 10 of the most beautiful bounding box jumps ever. For real.  So the moral of the story kids is this, you’re going to hear a lot of “shrug the shoulders!

“, “chin over the bar”, “knees out!”,  “hips back!” and chances are we are in fact talking to you, even if we aren’t.

 Stay sharp and keep your ears open, you could be one sound bite away from your next breakthrough.



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