Accepting the Challenge

The Six Week Indoctrination Towards Changing Health (SWITCH) begins tomorrow!  Sign up today and win cash and/or optimal health!

Official rules and regulations:

1. The challenge officially begins Monday, October 18th and concludes Monday, November 29th

2. A $20 entry fee is required to which the total amount will be divided among the winners

3. There will be one male winner and one female winner

4. A panel of experts will decide the winners based upon improvement in three categories: Metabolic Conditioning, Strength and Body Composition. (Body Composition to be determined by the cheap body fat tester at the gym and a ‘before and after’ photo)

5. The Strength component will be the CrossFit Total, click here for the rules of this particular strength test.

6. The Met-Con event is posted below and will take place tomorrow!  Special arrangements can be made for those that cannot attend class. A judge is required.

7. All participants are required to log their food in an online Google Doc.  Click here to request access.  Failure to comply will result in disqualification. There are no requirements for what you eat, only that you write it down in the log.

8. Before and after photos of the winners and/or runners up will be posted only with permission.

Email us with any questions at

“Grace Under Fire” – Results

3 Rounds for time of:

10 Clean and Jerk (135/95)

400 meter Run

20 Pull-Ups

Post time to comments.


Have you tried it?

This workout is meant to test across broad modalities.  Read, watch and learn below for an advantage going into the workout.  Good Luck!

For this workout, you will most likely be using a Power Clean wmv/mov, instead of catching in a full squat.  Remember Oly lifting is about developing momentum and elevation on the barbell through a range of motion wmv.  After the clean, you will be jerking the barbell.  You can use either the Push Jerk wmv/mov or the Split Jerk wmv/mov.

Running is a skill!  Just like the barbell and gymnastic movements we teach, there are more and less efficient ways to move forward on your feet.  Watch Olympic rower Erin Cafaro get instructed in proper run technique Part 1 wmv/mov, Part 2 wmv/mov, and Part 3 wmv/mov.  Boiling it down, concentrate mostly on pulling your foot from the ground, not about where you are placing your foot down!

The kipping pull up is all about timing and practice.  The primary teaching progression is demonstrated here with Adrian Bozman, Part 1 wmv/mov, Part 2 wmv/mov, and Part 3 wmv/mov.  The basic swing and teaching progressions still work when using a band to assist in your pull up.  Watch the movement here and remember the rules:  you control the band it does not control you and keep the band across the front of your body.

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