The last round

“Forrest” – Results

Three rounds for time of:

20 L-pull-ups

30 Toes to bar

40 Burpees

Run 800 meters

Graham Holmberg 32:15, Kim Malz 32:44.

Scale Version A) Tuck Pull-ups, same reps.
Scale Version B) 3 rounds of 10 Tuck Pull ups, 15 Toes to Bar, 30 Burpees, Run 800 meters
Scale Version C) 3 rounds of 10 Pull ups(anyhow), 15 knee raises, 20 burpees, Run 200 – 400 meters.


Box Jump aftermath!

Although there may be good L sit vids and pull up vids, there is not an instructional L-Pull up video better than the cues and hints found in this old-school Tabata Mash-up one.  wmv mov

Burpees wmv


A huge thank you to CrossFit Ventura for coming down and showing us your CrossFit enthusiasm and commitment!  It was an honor to have you guys at our box for our first Box Jump hosting event, and we can’t wait to see you next month at Battle of the Boxes!

Congratulations to all of you who committed to the last two week Zone education plan!  Don’t forget that we will have our movie night and potluck after Open Gym.  I will be there to answer questions and hear your experiences.  Diso will kick off the exciting SWITCH challenge as well.

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