As fast as you can

3 Rounds for time: – Results

15 Hang Squat Clean Thrusters, 50/35 lb Dumbbells

45 Double unders





Hang Squat Clean wmv mov

Thruster wmv mov

Double unders wmv mov


We’ve only a few days left of your 2 week Zone Education.  It will commence this Sunday at the gym with Movie Night and a Potluck!  We look foward to hearing all your experiences thus far.  Some of you have had great experiences while others have had miserable ones.

  Hang in there!  We look foward to hearing all of them, and seeing what or where we can make adjustments so you can make your nutrition work for you.

This Saturday we are hosting our first Box Jump here at the gym with CrossFit Ventura!  They’re the box that has given us our last few outrageously fun Individual and Team Competitions.

  Let’s show them some PCF hospitality.


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