Core Values

“Michael” – Results

Three rounds for time of:

Run 800 meters

50 Back Extensions

50 Sit-ups

Austin Malleolo 20:40 (GHD sit-ups), Kim Malz 23:39 (GHD sit-ups).

Post time to comments.

Scaling Option A
Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
35 Back Extensions
35 Sit-ups
Scaling Option B
Three rounds for time of:
Run 600 meters
15 Back Extensions
25 Sit-ups


Watch the wod demo with GHD sit-ups wmv/ mov.  We will be using abmats for the majority of individuals, but if you want to know how to use the GHD properly, watch this wmv/ mov.

Please watch this video if you do not know the difference between a hip extension and a back extension wmv

An alternative for the back extension can be Good Mornings, since we only have a limited number of GHD machines.  Careful, these are not easier!


The infamous Shoulder Prep video is now up!  Check out the new video link on the left side Navigation bar…

fancy!  We’ll keep ’em coming!


This Sunday at 6pm, we will be showing a taping of a Nutritional Lecture by Mat LeLonde.  This will be about as fun as going to school, but if you’re interested in learning more about the Paleolithic Diet and don’t have the means to pay for a nutrion certification, this is your best bet!

  A summary of the presentation:

The seminar will delve into the dietary factors involved in the development of the metabolic syndrome and autoimmune diseases as well as the science behind Paleolithic nutrition, post-workout meals and intermittent fasting. The material will be supplemented with direct references to, and critical analyses of, the primary scientific literature on the subject of nutrition.

Participants should leave the event with the knowledge required to eat for optimum health and performance as well as the ability to decipher the primary literature in order to further augment their knowledge of nutrition and defend their nutritional choices.

I especially like that last part.  Hope to see you there.  Be sure to bring a snack as it will be around 3 hours or so! (and thats only part 1)

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