The Beatdown

In 7 minutes complete the following: – Results

500 meter row

20 lateral burpees over 20″ bar

Max reps of ground to overhead 95 lbs (men and women)

Score is ground to overhead reps.

Scaling option: Regular burpees, 65 lbs


Rowing wmv mov

Burpees wmv

Clean and Jerk wmv mov

Snatch wmv mov


This is the Workout of the Month from The Beatdown.  It’s one WOD, once a month, 10 dollars to enter, and 100 dollar prize.  Click here for the story and details.


CrossFit Ventura’s next competition is called ‘Battle of the Boxes’ and will happen on November 13th starting at 8am.  It is a Team competition where 4 person teams of 2 men and 2 women will compete in three WODs throughout the day.

If you’re interested, assemble your team, elect a Team captain, and register here.  The entry cost is 80 dollars per team, and the deadline is November 7th.  It is up to the Team Captain to register and ensure the fee is paid.


The Offensiveness of Taking Offense, The American Thinker

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