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9-6-and 3 reps, for time of: – Results

165 pound barbell Thrusters


Rob Orlando 2:44, Heather Bergeron 5:29 (115lbs)

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Ring Push ups feel soo gooood

Watch Rob Orlando destroy this workout wmv/ mov

If we are going to take this weight from the floor, we’re going to need to know how to get it there safely and effectively.  In other words, we need to clean the weight.  Here are a couple videos on olympic lifting and cleaning that will help you get a heavier weight in position to perform a thruster.

We always boil the movements of Olympic Lifting down to jumping weight upwards through a range of motion developing momentum and elevation of the barbell.  Another method is to think about that there are three distinct pull that occur, the first pull is pulling the weight off the ground wmv/mov, the second pull is the jump that occurs when the weight gets to the mid thigh position wmv (watch this video), and the third pull is you pulling your body underneath the bar when the bar becomes weightless, whipping your elbows around to recieve the bar in the rack position wmv/ mov.  Watch little badass Annie Sakamoto cleaning heavy wmv/ mov.

If you don’t know how to do a thruster by now, you haven’t been attending class lately!!  wmv/ mov

Muscle Ups are another monster all together!  If you cannot perform a muscle up on the rings or the bar from a hang position, and since there are not an outrageous number of muscle ups in today’s workout, perform four ring dips and four pull ups for every muscle up.   The idea is that if you watch a muscle up wmv, its a very high pull up into a very deep dip, you can strengthen those moves individually as a progression to performing the movement as prescribed.


Loved this video, if you don’t watch the Ted Talks, start now dammit!


Thanks to Tyler for telling me about this great video on running form. If you’ve ever had shin splints, you’ll get a nice visual in there as well. Enjoy this one:)


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