Team WOD! 

Depending on attendance and equipment, we will have either 2 person or 4 person teams.  As with our previous Team WODs, try to partner up with athletes of roughly similar athletic ability.

  I obviously am unable to give with the details yet, but you may want to watch and study this video.  Otherwise, please come on time so we know who we’re working with and can structure the WOD better.  Ideally, we’ll warm up as a group, decide on Teams, explain the WOD, and give you guys a few moments to strategize before we cut you loose.  And come up with some cool Team names!


Greg Rader, bike test.


Kelly Starrett’s Mobility WOD is conveniently catered to Main Site programming, and we’ll be implementing it more often in warm ups and cool downs.  Good on those of you who are a few steps ahead in this direction.


Our One Year Anniversary/Grand Opening Party is on September 18th!  We promise bedlam and chaos….

Six Keys to Being Excellent at Anything, Tony Schwartz, Harvard Business Review, from the CrossFit Affiliate Page.


Post the top 3 most memorable moments in your CrossFit career, to comments.



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