Of all time

“Linda” – 100218.

Scaling options:
Either scale the weight back or
Drop the sets to 10-8-6-4-2 reps with Rx’d weights


2-fer-1 madness.

Deadlift wmv mov

Bench Press wmv mov

Clean wmv mov

WOD demo with Nicole Carroll wmv mov


“Linda” is easily one of my top five favorite workouts of all time.  When I first saw her, I was aghast at what CrossFit was asking us to do, and my difficulty in categorizing her (is she a strength workout?  A cardio workout?  Both?) only intrigued me more.  The first time I tried her was at the LA Valley College weight pile, and with lighter than prescribed weights, it took me almost an hour!  It was a humbling, unforgettable experience that perfectly embodied what CrossFit meant by ‘blurring the line’ between strength and cardio training, and how nature has no obligation to honor such distinctions.

  Warm up thoroughly and have fun with this one!

By the way, this Saturday, September 4th will be a Team WOD!

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