Split Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

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Dave Lipson 340lbs wmv/ mov, Kristin Clever 215lbs


Open Gym Fun

Here is a split Jerk introduction with Mike Burgener wmv/ mov.  He is an advocate of the PVC pipe as a training tool for barbell movements, although many people struggle with performing these movements with no weight.

  This is a reminder that what we are teaching is a movement.

  I know it can feel hard when you have nothing to press against, no weight bearing down on you to tell your body what to do, but we’re building neural pathways here!  Watch Coach B. fix a guy working with light weight wmv/ mov.  You are going to have to learn the correct split position wmv/ mov as well as how to push yourself under the bar wmv/ mov.

The jerk is a ton of fun.  Its the most efficient way to get a heavy load over your head wmv/ mov, but if its new to you, just work on the movement.  The weight will come!  Focus on your split landing position and driving yourself under the bar.

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