For time:

Run 1K

50 Wall Ball 2-fer-1’s

25 Flying Pull-ups

Scale Version A:
Run 1K
30 Wall Ball 2-fer-1’s
15 Flying Pull-ups (one hand at a time)


Scale Version B:
Run 800 meters
30 Wall Ball shots
15 Pull-ups


Amy Pero, rowing face.


Wall Ball 2-fer-1 videos wmv mov

Flying Pull-up video wmv mov

It’s time to pit our power, coordination, and bravery once more against the newly reinforced Monstrosity.  The flying pull-up is the launching of your body upward as the result of a massive and focused kip.  Have fun with these!  And there are, of course, the Wall Ball 2-fer-1’s…..


CrossFit Radio Episode 129, great insights on how the CrossFit Games made an impression on the HD Center.

Is Intellectual Property the Key to Success? by Jeffrey Tucker, Ludwig von Mises Institute

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