Road Trip!!

Sorry!  There will be no regularly scheduled classes today!


If you can’t make it to the Box Jump in Santa Barbara today, its your job to do a WOD on your own.  Don’t panic!  Check out the link on the left side nav bar “Free WODs for home,” make up your own workout, or peruse the past workouts until you find one that works for you.  Work on your running skills at the local track or find a pull up bar at the park to work on your kipping pullups and other gymnastics skills.

  Just because the gym is closed doesn’t mean you have to miss your workout!

  There are literally 26 pages in the link on the left of mostly bodyweight exercises, give it a try and post your results to the comments below!

For those that are planning on attending the Box Jump, we will be meeting at the gym at 7:30.  Plan on leaving by 7:45 so we can get up there without incident to start by 10am.

  Lets represent!


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