Your turn

“The Laundromat”

For time:

35 Box Jumps (24″/20″)

25 Pull-ups (CTB, regular)

20 Ground to Overheads (95/65)

15 Forward Rolls

20 Ground to Overheads (95/65)

25 Pull-ups (CTB, regular)

35 Box Jumps (24″/20″)

Rx’d at the Clash:  Sean Milar 9:55, Zeb Pascual 11:08, Traver Boehm 11:10, Scott McGee 11:31, Amy Pero 16:37

MOD A at the Clash:  Francis Herrero 17:01, Brandon Young 17:11

MOD B at the Clash:  Sam Pearson 8:54, Deniz 13:22, Sterling Lenheim 18:58


Paradiso CrossFit support group.


Box Jumps wmv

Pull-ups wmv mov

Forward Rolls wmv mov


Eric and gang at CrossFit Pacific Coast will be conducting a swimming seminar called CrossFit H20, at one of their local pools on the afternoon of our Box Jump on Saturday, August 28th from 3pm to 6pm!  Geared toward those with basic aquatic skills (can swim 75 yards), learn from Eric and Traver who are both NCAA D1 ranked swimmers.

  Find out more at the gym.


We can introduce a national class Still Ring champion to the deadlift, where he’s never been in the weight room before, and he’ll pick 400 lbs up off the ground.  But we cannot introduce a national class Powerlifter to the Still Rings and expect muscle-ups or front levers.

  It is for this reason that gymnastic ability (body control) is foundational to weightlifting (external object control.

)  Read the story in Coach Sommer’s article below.

Why train gymnastic basics? by Jeff Tucker

Building an Olympic Body through Bodyweight Conditioning by Christopher Sommer

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