From afar

Weighted Pull-ups  1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Dave Lipson 165lbs (BW 215lbs). Post loads and body weight to comments.

Compare to 100314.


It’s a circus in here!


Weighted Pull-up variations  wmv  mov


We know many of you will support us, as we will represent you, from afar.  Here are our athletes and heat times!:

Heat 1, 0800 and 1245:  Deniz Firat, Sam Pearson, Sterling Lenheim

Heat 4, 0915 and 1400:  Amy Pero

Heat 5, 0940 and 1425:  Sondra Jovel

Heat 6, 1005 and 1450:  Brandon Young, Francis Herrero

Heat 7, 1030 and 1515: Scott McGee

Heat 8, 1055 and 1540:  Greg Rader

Heat 10, 1145 and 1630:  Sean Milar (honorary mention from Valley CrossFit)

Heat 11, 1210 and 1655:  Zeb Pascual

Please yell and scream your good will and cheers, to comments.


Gym will have all regular class times on schedule today (Saturday the 14th.)

There will be OPEN GYM from 1000 to 1100 on Sunday, and a CrossFit 101 at 1100, on Sunday the 15th.

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