Test Run

“The Pull”

For time:

Row 400 meters

30 Sumo-deadlift High Pulls, 95/65 lbs

25 Pull-ups



AMRAP 15 minutes of:

Shoulder to Overhead, 7 reps unbroken, 95/65 lbs

Double-unders, 25 reps unbroken

These are two of the three WODs from CrossFit Ventura’s Individual Competition from last year.  There was a 10 minute cap for ‘The Pull.’  For ‘Unbreakable’ any breaks in shoulder to overhead or double-unders require starting again at 0 for that set.  Traver Boehm placed third overall with 4:30 on ‘The Pull’ and 14 rounds for ‘Unbreakable.

Scaled Version for ‘The Pull’:
Row 400 meters
30 Sumo-deadlift High Pulls (75/55)
25 Jumping Pull-ups
Scaled Version for ‘Unbreakable’:
AMRAP 15 minutes:
Shoulder to Overhead, 7 reps broken as needed
25 Double unders, broken as needed


Greg Rader, bar traverse

For many of you, CrossFit Ventura’s Central Coast Clash this Saturday will be the very first CrossFit competition you’ve ever entered.  These competitions are challenging, intense, and a lot of fun!  If you entered, congratulations on deciding to compete!  And if you’re coming to support and spectate you are just as much a part of the experience as the athletes and judges!  For those competing we highly recommend taking it easy Friday, and maybe even Thursday.  Do thorough DROMs, hip preps, and shoulder preps.


This Sunday, the gym will have OPEN GYM hour from 10 am to 11 am.  There will be a CrossFit 101 at 11am.

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