To the Rescue!

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

7 Back squats (185/ 135)

Dumbbell Overhead walking lunge, 10 steps right hand (45/ 30)

7 Burpees

Dumbbell Overhead walking lunge, 10 steps left hand

Elyse Umeda 9 rounds + 3 burpees (135lb squat, 30lb DB)

Post Rounds and reps to comments.


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Walking Lunge Variations wmv/ mov

Introduction to the Low Bar Back Squat with Rippetoe wmv/ mov and his further comments on the Hamstrings and Hip Drive wmv/ mov.

The Good Ol’ Burpee wmv

Today’s WOD demo from CrossFit Santa Cruz wmv/ mov


NPR has offered up a special series called, “How Evolution Gave us the Human Edge: Discover what’s made us the most versatile and powerful species on Earth.” There are numerous fascinating articles and audio links that get me all fired up and scream CrossFit:

Armed and Deadly: Shoulders, Weapons Key to Hunt – The shoulder altered the course of human evolution by giving us survival skills we never could have imagined without it. The shape of the joint allowed us to develop tools and weapons we could throw, like rocks and spears. And advanced weaponry meant better meals.

Food for Thought:  Meat based diet made us smarter – Our earliest ancestors ate a diet of raw food that required immense energy to digest. But once we started eating nutrient-rich meat, our energy-hungry brains began growing and our guts began to shrink. Cooking that food not only made it safer, but also easier to digest.

For Humans, Slow and steady running won the race – As humans made the evolutionary trek from the trees to the ground, we evolved to be distance runners, trading speed for endurance. And according to one biologist, this stamina allowed early humans to tire out their prey.

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