Eat. Drink.

6 rounds for time of:

Run 400 meters

25 Burpees

Set up under a bar that is one foot above your reach for the burpees. Jump and touch the bar for each burpee rep.

Graham Holmberg 21:10, Kristan Clever 22:18.

Post time to comments.


Since we are on the party theme, and its the weekend, I wanted to discuss good food and drink.

  I just went out to a restaurant and they had the best brussel sprout appetizer.  They wouldn’t give me the recipe, but I went home and whipped it up no problem!

  It was just roasted brussel sprouts, tossed with pancetta (I’m sure bacon will do), olive oil, dijon mustard, cranberries and almonds, served hot.  On the drink side of things, I just discovered from watching Botany of Desire that hard cider is made from just apples, brilliant!  I always thought it was a regular beer with apple flavor, but no, its straight apples!  I gave it a try last night, and it was pretty good.  Strong too!  Want to get hardcore?  Check out this message board on making your own hard cider at home, looks too easy.

Have fun with eating clean!

Grilled Fish Pockets wmv/ mov

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