Put it to the test


For time:

Snatch 135 lbs, 30 reps

Use 95 pounds, 65 pounds or broomstick as needed. Miranda Oldroyd 2:13 (95lbs), Christopher Stowe 2:44, Mary Lampas 3:26 (95lbs). Post time and load to comments. 

10 General Physical Skills, squat snatching is usually the wisest choice.

Watch and study the following vids.

“Isabel” Power Snatch, Josh Everett 1:11 wmv mov 

“Isabel” Squat Snatch, Chuck Carswell 3:16, Jenni Orr 6:32 wmv mov 


Starting next Monday, August 2nd, there will be NO MORE 8 am REGULAR CLASSES and NO MORE 7 am ON-RAMP CLASSES.  

Instead we will have 7 am REGULAR CLASSES Monday through Friday, and 7:30 On-Ramp classes for Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.  All other classes will remain the same.

Saturday, August 14th is CrossFit Ventura’s Individual Competition ‘Central Coast Clash.  Starts at 9 am and will feature 2 WODs.  We applaud the members who have already registered.  Partaking in a multi-affiliate CrossFit competition is an unforgettable experience.  Only 72 athletes are allowed to compete and registration closes August 8.  Find out more here


“Extra Weight Adds to Economic Woes”  New York Times

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