Every minute on the minute for 30 minutes:

1 Squat snatch

20 Double unders

Pick a sustainable but challenging load.  If you cannot maintain for the entire 30 minutes, continue the cycle for the remainder of the workout.  Post load, minutes completed, and/or remaining rounds to comments.  For example: 135 lbs, 20 minutes + 5 rounds.


Ninja school.


Squat snatch wmv mov

Double unders wmv mov

The snatch is defined as taking a load from ground to overhead in one motion, versus the clean and jerk, where 2 motions are needed to take a load from ground to overhead.  At it’s simplest, it is an aggressive jump and land.  On the other extreme, it is one of the most nuanced and technically challenging movements in all of sport and can take years to master.  Learn more about the snatch here

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