Seven rounds for time of:

205 lb Clean, 3 reps

4 Ring handstand push ups

Graham Holmberg 4:26, Chris Spealler 4:27, Kristan Clever 3:37 (HSPU).  Post time to comments.


The Clean is simply a matter of taking a weight from the ground to a racked position on your shoulders.

Clean Instruction wmv mov

Power Cleans, Mark Rippetoe wmv mov


One of the original CrossFit trophy case events was 15 Handstand Push ups on Rings.  Watch Jim Bathurst of Beast Skills perform it Rx’d.

Check out Jim’s website for accessible and simple instruction on some of our most basic gymnastic skills.


This Saturday, July 24th, there will be NO 8 o’clock am class.  We will instead have our Inventory 2.0 WOD at 10 am to celebrate our soft opening.

This Sunday, July 25th, we will have a CrossFit 101 for anyone new to the gym who would like to join.


Badass Adidas commercial for the CrossFit Games, wmv mov

What was your impression of the CrossFit Games?

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