“Balls ‘n Bells”

With a partner, 3 rounds for cumulative reps of:

Partner Kettlebell toss, 2 pood/1.5 pood

GHD med ball throw situp, 12 lbs/8 lbs

2 Person Deadlift, 315 lbs/225 lbs

Partner Back Squat, 3 reps alternating

Rest station


In this workout, you and your partner will perform max reps for 60 seconds at each station.  At the end of each 60 second interval you and your partner will move to the next station and immediately start the next movement, from the rep count of your previous station.  For example if you finished 30 kettlebell tosses in 60 seconds (where each toss counts as one), your first GHD med ball partner throw will be rep 31.

  Your WOD score is your total reps by the end of all three rounds.

  Don’t worry, everything’s scalable.


If they only knew….

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