Thirst for Knowledge

For time:

20 Back Squats (225/ 135)

40 Toes to bar

60 Kettlebell swings (70/ 55)

WOD demo with Chris Spealler (mov/ wmv)

Josh Everett 4:18, Rob Orlando 5:18, Chris Spealler 5:33, James Hobart 5:45, Eric Magee 5:47, Jason Leydon 5:52, Lauren Plumey 6:32 (135lb squat, 1.5 pood KB), Elyse Umeda 7:00 (155lb squat, 1.5 pood KB). Post time to comments.



Belief from Patrick Cummings on Vimeo.

Even before I entertained the idea of owning my own gym and before there were hundreds of affiliates worldwide, I would peruse the exercise demos and watch in amazement as Nicole Carroll, Greg Amundson, Annie Sakomoto, Rob Miller, and all the original fire breathers performed amazing feats of strength.  I wanted to be able to do that.  Its been four years now and I still have a laundry list of skills to work on and I learn something new every single day!

Just today, I found the above video while researching a CrossFit gym in Boston for a friend of mine.  Later, I was searching through the CF Journal looking for article 21 on the Zone for a couple members (which you should all read by the way, its free) and we were amazed at how much info is available for just $25 for the year!  Allow me to outline the current range of topics currently posted on the homepage:

“Weightlifting Workshop at Elieko” (vid) – There are so many moving parts in an Olympic lift. It takes many years of concentrated training just to get the footwork right, and it can take even more time to establish a solid pull. Then there’s the whole getting underneath the bar thing. That’s tough, too. Eleiko, makers of some of the finest Olympic and powerlifting gear on Earth, have tapped 1992 Olympics competitor Anders Lindsjö to teach people the proper mechanics.

“Swim Tips for CrossFitters, Part 1” (vid) – Chris Michelmore is a busy man. Not only is he the head coach at CrossFit Moxie in San Jose, Calif., but he also works as the San Jose State women’s swimming and diving assistant coach and the De Anza Cupertino Aquatics assistant national team coach. Beyond coaching, Michelmore made it to the Southwest Regional this year, finishing 29th overall. In the first installment of Swim Tips for CrossFitters, Michelmore takes us through the importance of reaching, neck position and proper breathing techniques.

“To Game or not to Game” – In our world, the stopwatch is king. It doesn’t lie and it doesn’t have favorites. It simply states. On our journey to ultimate fitness, we work on strength, speed, agility, etc. to help us achieve more rounds or faster times in any given workout. A lot of variables will come into play and dictate how the workout goes: time of day, food intake, hydration, personal proficiency with the movements involved, injuries … . The list goes on, and an article could be dedicated to how each variable can affect a workout. This particular article is about strategy for WODs, which some refer to as “gaming a WOD.”

“The Discovery of Pose Running, Part 1” (vid) – Running is one of the most fundamental human movements, yet modern running shoes, poorly written articles, lack of training and bad science have humans moving badly on the road, track and trail. Some say a return to barefoot running is the answer, but that’s not enough. Speaking candidly in front of a group of CrossFit instructors at the University of San Diego, Dr. Romanov explains how he discovered Pose running.

“Arm Wrestling 101, Part 3” (vid) – Devon Larratt is a dedicated CrossFitter, husband and father of three, and he just happens to be the No. 1 right-handed arm wrestler in the world. His passion for arm sport was on display at a seminar in Ottawa, Canada, where a group of athletes came together to learn more about the sport and hopefully get a few future champions on the right path.

Amazing right?!  Look at that range of interesting topics, and mostly videos, I love it!  My point is not that you should buy a subscription to the journal, but that there is a ton of information out there.  Much more than we post on our site alone.  There’s the CrossFit message board threads that can be searched on almost any topic and if you can’t find it you can post your own.  We do not want you to just come in to perform the workout and then go home, we want you to develop a thirst for knowledge about your body, your health and your fitness.

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