The Cleanse

As many rounds and reps as possible in 20 minutes of:

15 Double unders

65 lb Thruster, 15 reps

15 Burpees

Post rounds and reps to comments.


Kara’s good thruster position exhibits feet flat on the floor, chest up, elbows wrapped about the bar, bar completely in her hands, and neutral head position.

  This position is advantageous because it allows the load to be supported primarily by the torso (rather than the wrists, elbows, and shoulders) while simultaneously placing the body in a mechanical position conducive to both powerful hip extension AND powerful push press velocity.



I’ve always been a fan of  longer, cleansing, metcon WODs after a weekend of debauchery.  This one’s for y’all.  🙂 


Lots of events for this Saturday, July 10th:

The WOD will be a Team WOD

There will be CrossFit 101 at 11am.

One of my best friends and arch rival in CrossFit, Sean Milar of Valley CrossFit, will be the main event in a charity boxing match event to raise money for the youth program that was responsible for shaping both our lives.  12 dollar ticket buys 4 fights, live band, and poker tournament afterwards.

  Starts at 4:00 pm.  Ask me (Zeb) for details.


“You are free to eat.”  Kung Fu Panda,


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