Run. Pull. Squat.


Wearing a 20 pound vest, three rounds for time of:

1K Run (map here)

10 Muscle-ups

100 Squats

Post times to comments.


Yeah you…

To continue with our CrossFit Games fever, I wanted to outline a well known athlete, Chris Spealler:

At 31 years old, Speal is smaller in stature than most CrossFit Games competitors. At 5’5″ and just over a buck 40, he’s the smallest qualifying male at the HDC this year. Chris is in an elite group of peers who will have competed in all four years of Games individual competition (the others are James Fitzgerald, Peter Egyed, and Breck Berry). In three years of competition, his worst overall finish was 25th (2009). He finished 4th in 2007 and 10th in the 2008 Games, after entering the final workout in first place before heavy weight dashed his chances and changed the game. He is a revered competitor and has been the spark for speculation of whether a “small guy can ever win the Games.”

Basically, this dude rocks.  Check out some great videos of Speal in action:

Teaching the Butterfly Pullup

Small guy vs Big guy

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