And another one!

Three rounds for time of:

50 lb dumbbell thruster, 15 reps

30 GHD situps

Rebecca Voigt 5:45 (35lb db), Mikko Salo 5:53, Kristan Clever 6:03 (35lb db), Miranda Oldroyd 11:13 (40lb db).  Post time to comments.


We have another guest on this crazy milestone week.  Guess who got her first kipping pull up yesterday?

!  Congratulations Deniz!!


Special Note: There is a possiblity we may only have one (1) GHD machine today.  The injured one is currently at the welding shop and we will have it back as soon as possible.  Please show up, warm up, and work with each other as we have in the past and it will flow smoothly.


Dumbbells are the rings of weightlifting.  Stabilizing them from ground, rack, and overhead demand enormous midline stabilization.

  Coach Michael Rutherford is known in CrossFit as the ‘King of Dumbbells’, and has blown the doors off of these outstanding training tools.

Dumbbells and Three Levels of Dumbbell Squat by Coach Michael Rutherford.


Have a friend who wants to join CrossFit but doesn’t know what it’s about?  Have problems explaining what CrossFit is to said friend?  Come on down to our CrossFit 101 this Saturday at 1100 to learn the how’s and why’s of CF, and the particulars of our cool, little (soon to be gigantic) gym!

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