Commitment Gnomes, Part 2

South Central Regional Event 4

For time:

10 Muscle-ups

15 Handstand push-ups

20 Squat cleans (155/ 105)

Run 550 meters

Deric Maruquin 4:54, Candice Ruiz 10:41 (105lb clean).

Post time to comments.

Thanks Zeb!  To all of you that read this blog, I am here to confirm the very real existence of these so-called commitment gnomes.  Zeb and I lived in denial of this fact for many months, thinking that we were getting lucky.  As time wore on, we realized we were wrong.  It wasn’t luck, it was something more.

There were times that I would arrive at the gym early in the morning, and find all of the equipment had been cleaned and organized, but I had left the gym a mess.  Who could it have been?  There were many WODs for which I didn’t have enough equipment for a large group of members, yet class after class, just the right diversity of members would appear for it to work out.  Who was communicating this to them?  Working late at night, every now and then, I would hear little footsteps and turn to look, but just remind myself that I needed sleep.  We realize now that this was not our imagination, and not mere coincidence or luck, but the work of a greater force.  This realization came just about 6 weeks ago, when faced with the possiblity of losing our beloved gym.  We began the search for a new box immediately, and knew the future was fraught with danger.  We needed a space that was close to our current location, zoned properly, had adequate parking, decent neighbors, high ceilings, it had to be affordable and available immediately.  When we announced that we were undertaking this mission, each of you were immensely supportive, patient and many of you even joined in the search.

About three weeks ago, I received a phone call to come look at a space and I asked Zeb if he would like to join me.  The location is 4113 Redwood Ave, about a block from our current box.  The landlord knew of my situation and thought I might be interested.  Ladies and gentlemen, I cannot describe the feeling I felt when I turned the corner of the driveway and laid eyes upon what is now our new home.  It was love at first sight.  Zeb held back tears.  Then we saw him for the first time, a little character standing in the massive doorway, with a slight smile and long beard.  I whispered, “Thank you,”  and quickly snapped a few photos, then he vanished.


The space is 2200 sq ft, up from our current 850 sq ft, with twenty foot cielings, bathrooms to which we will be installing a shower, a water fountain, an office and a spare room!  Click here for a map of the exact location.  We will be moving in on July 1st!

Thank you to everyone for being patient when we were busy and helping us when we needed help.  You are all what make this work.  Thank you for your daily commitment to the gym and to yourselves.  We will continue to dedicate every ounce of our beings to improving our thriving little community and your life individually.  Thank you for everything.  You are the true gnomes in my life.  Stay committed and good things will happen!

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