The Payoff

For time:

20 Shoulder to Overhead (185/ 115)

40 Burpees

Partition the movements as needed, any order.  Post time to comments.

This is one of three workouts the athletes had to complete during the SouthWest Regionals last weekend.

  The competition standards were a 7 minute cutoff and the burpees included a lateral jump over an 8 inch hurdle.  The top times for men and women were Craig Knight 2:42 and Elyse Umeda 3:13!

Mere mortal to Greek God in 30 days


I am in my proud papa state again after yesterday.  Cheers to everyone that worked so hard and sacrificed over the last month!  The house was packed with people setting baseline attempts for their first Fran or straight up smashing their previous times!

  We even had a couple people ask if we could do Fran every month, doesn’t that sound like fun?

Looking towards the future, now that you can responsibly imbibe every now and then, I have a new idea I want to roll out.  I don’t have a name for it yet, so feel free to suggest something, but the idea is to check out different Happy Hour locations around town on Fridays to get people together outside the gym.

The first official meeting will be tomorrow at Warsawa from 6-8pm.  They have half price appetizers and drinks.

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