The End of the Beginning


21-15-9 reps of

95 lb Thrusters 


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Congratulations to all who undertook and endured the 30 day Paleo Challenge!  It is a rare person indeed who does all 30 days strict, but everyone who tries it usually reaps tremendous dividends.

  You now have first hand experience with our most foundational of prescriptions: “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar.

”  We would like to know your impressions, experiences, noted performance and aesthetic changes (mostly performance) and memorable temptations.  Would you do it again?  Did it affect the way you see food and the way you’ll eat from now on? 

Most who tried it are beginners to CrossFit and there will no doubt be some hardcore food destruction and face stuffing by tonight.  But before you can reach this, the End of the Beginning, you must first get past her:  the most infamous, most notorious, and most feared girl in CrossFit.  She who, at the whisper of her name, can instantly sky rocket the heart rate and respirations of even the most elite CrossFitters.  For it is she who, if done at maximum capacity, can generate the highest average power output of any workout ever created; she who, if done at maximum intensity can make you feel like you’re in a fight for your life.  A sub three minute Fran has been known to floor guys for well over thirty minutes, and to destablize respiratory and hemodynamic systems for hours and days.

But it’s okay!  It’s okay because you can take it.

  You’re now coming into this armed with one solid month of not only hard training, but also securing your foundations at the molecular level with the Paleolithic Diet, and are poised to utterly wreck Fran!  Diso, G, and I eagerly await the coming destruction.  

Greg Amundson 2:37 and Annie Sakamoto 2:42 wmv

Brett Marshall (AFT), first recorded butterfly pull ups in CrossFit, world record Fran time when posted 2:19 mov

Jason ‘Rhabdo’ Kaplan 1:53, first recorded sub 2 minute Fran, wmv mov

Christy Phillips 3:51 wmv mov


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