Coach’s Choice

Today you enter PCF at the complete and utter mercy of your instructor.  Will it be Eva?  One full hour of Snatch practice?

  Handstand Work?  AMRAP beer guzzling?  Sprint repeats?  Heavy lifting?  Lectures on Intensity and Nutrition?

  Irish Style Murph?  Nothing?  The possibilities are endless.  And there’s only one way to find out!  

Assassin’s Warface


This weekend is the CrossFit Games Regional Qualifiers in UC Irvine.

The Paradiso CrossFit Team is Gretchen Helt, Jessica Suver, K-Ron Feiner, Rico Malone, Matty Aporta, and Zeb Pascual.  We are Heat # 2 and our WOD times on Saturday are 0825 and 1350.  Our WOD time on Sunday will be based on our ranking from Saturday.

Click here for more info on our Team WODs and weekend itinerary.  We hope to see you guys there!

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