And Now for Something Completely Different

Five rounds for time of:

20 Back Squats (135/ 95)

Handstand walk 20 yards

Post times to comments.

Watch Chris Spealler do todays WOD in 8:32 or big man Rob Orlando in 12:53.


Badasses in the Making

The Puhlayo Market is finally back up and running, and its better than ever!  If you are part of the crowd that wants to sign up but are concerned that its too much food for one person and you don’t want it to go bad, you can still sign up on the sheet for a half order.  Be sure to designate yourself as a half order and someone else can sign up to split the order!

In other news, we will be going surfing this Sunday in Venice!  If you have any interest in learning to surf, let me know in comments below.  We will arrange for boards and wetsuits for anyone that needs them.  We will meet at the gym around 1pm unless it rains.

  In that case would anyone be up for some bowling?

Lastly, DC has offered to lend us a projector for a movie night perhaps.  My idea was to watch Troll 2, rated the worst movie of all time.  They even made a documentary about it which is about to come out called The Best Worst Movie.  Any other ideas for fun movies to watch in the gym, something informative perhaps?


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