“Oregon/Idaho Sectional WOD 1”

5 Rounds for time (15 minute cap):

1 15′ Rope Climb, 15′ Ascent

7 Thrusters (135/95)

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Ideally in the Split Jerk, the elbows lock out with the bar overhead at the same time the feet land decisively on the floor.  In the event that the elbows are slightly bent upon landing, aggression and focus become crucial to successfully locking the bar in the overhead position.

 Teaching the Jerk by Mike Burgener with Tony Budding

“But we have never identified excellent teachers in any reliable, objective way. Instead, we tend to ascribe their gifts to some mystical quality that we can recognize and revere-but not replicate. The great teacher serves as a hero but never, ironically, as a lesson….

Based on his students’ test scores, Mr. Taylor ranks among the top 5 percent of all D.C. math teachers. He’s entertaining, but he’s not a born performer. He’s well prepared, but he’s been a teacher for only three years. He cares about his kids, but so do a lot of his underperforming peers. What’s he doing differently?

One outfit in America has been systematically pursuing this mystery for more than a decade-tracking hundreds of thousands of kids, and analyzing why some teachers can move those kids three grade levels ahead in one year and others can’t.

From What Makes a Great Teacher, by Amanda Ripley, The Atlantic

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