Rest Day WOD

“NM/AR/OK/MS/North Texas Sectional WOD 1”

Three rounds for time, with a 20 minute time limit:

Row 500 meters

10 Squat Clean to Overhead (135/83)

10 Pull ups (kipping or strict, chin clearly over the bar, full arm extension at the bottom, no butterfly)



People have asked what the value of the heavy, single element, strength/power days such as yesterday are to their fitness.  Diso may chime in tomorrow with his take on the matter, but my first instinct was: They do not understand the goal of our program in general, nor of strength and power in particular.  And that’s our (diso’s and my) fault.

The goal of CrossFit is to elicit as broad an adaptation as possible.  And the only way to do this (insofar as current data suggests) is to train in such a way as to not elicit as narrow an adaptation as possible.  To be CrossFit is not just to be strong, not just to be fast, but fast and strong.  Not just flexible, not just coordinated, but flexible and coordinated.  You need to be powerful in short bursts and be able to endure for long periods.  To be CrossFit is to be ready for anything, at any time.  And Strength is a crucial part of this proposed ready state.  If you are not training heavy, regularly, you will not reap the benefits you deserve. 

Heavy days are different than other workouts for sure:  You’re not spiraling into the ground with your teeth flying everywhere and vomit swirling in your guts.  If done right, they’re a different kind of suck altogether.  You’re head’s spinning after moving hundreds of pounds, your muscles and skeleton are exhausted from supporting load, and your CNS is fried from head to toe.  And you don’t have a prayer’s chance in hell to do most WODs Rx’d if you’re not strong enough to.  But this is beside the point, which is, Strength is important.  You will not achieve total fitness without it. 

By the way, this case can and has been made for any of the ten general skills.  We can replace the lack of training in strength for lack of training in speed, or stamina, or endurance, or power.  You must be lacking in nothing when it comes to CrossFit and elite fitness.  Besides, where else can you move heavy loads wearing a mullet and checkered draws?

Read ‘Strong Enough?’ by Mark Rippetoe for a more in depth look at the topic.

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