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Contortion, the 11th physical skill

While making a regular stop at Rainbow Acres this week, I was once again reminded that we are part of a much larger community.  It wasn’t anything you would have recognized as CrossFit specifically, but a nice gentlemen selling pudding.  This guy has started a company called Stinkey Monkey Pudding, and its wheat/ gluten/ soy/ dairy/ casein free, low glycemic and made mostly from coconuts.  Just because we eat smart doesn’t mean we can’t have pudding dammit!  Another step in the right direction!  The wave of the future!  I’m getting fired up about getting everyone healthy!  Be proud of what you do in here!  This is not some quick fix, this is SPARTA!  Sorry, got carried away…enjoy:)

You’re Never too OldJacinto Barrillo competing at the Qualifiers at age 69, Jimmy Baker Snatches and Cleans on his 60th birthday, 60+ Masters team at the Santa Cruz Affiliate Challenge.

Everyone Love a good Success StoryLauren Parker after 6 months, Jason David 1 year later, Catherine empowered.


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